Coravin Model Two Wine System

At Coravin their tagline is “stop opening, start tasting” nothing could be more accurate.

The Coravin model 2 wine system is sleek and distinct and is definitely not your typical bottle opener. It is an absolute game changer in our industry. Due to the many options now available in the wine industry the Coravin delivers in every way imaginable. The model 2 features include a capsule to keep your precious wines free from oxidation. In addition to the thin wall needle that replaced the slower original and a secure easy to squeeze grip attached to your bottle. Additionally you will have the confidence that every pour will be smooth and secure.

Coravin has developed such a fantastic system to enjoy a glass without sacrificing the entire bottle of wine. Depending on how many of your family and friends drink wine it can be a struggle to please them all. You can now sample and taste different wines with meals, at parties or an evening on the couch. I assure you will not be disappointed with this system.

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If you’re looking to get into the art of wine culture this unit is a great starting piece to any kitchen, mini bar or wine room. As a result you will be learning what you like and dislike one glass at a time. Often times we are hesitant to pursue new adventures or new products. The Coravin is a solid option in getting you exactly what you asked for.

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